eGenius makes first flight

The eGenius electric glider by the University of Stuttgart has taken its first flight on the 26th of May 2011. Powered by a 60 kW engine, the eGenius has a maximum range of 400 km and a maximum speed of up to 235 km/hr. The eGenius was developed at the Institute of Aircraft design at the University of Stuttgart in Germany with the sponsorship of Airbus. Data from this project will be shared with Airbus Future Projects teams enabling development in alternative fuels.


UK SSTO concept passes key review by ESA

The Skylon space plane concept by Reaction Engines Ltd. has passed a key design review by the European Space Agency. The European Space Agency has decided to provide 1m euros in funding to the Oxfordshire-based company in 2009 to develop the engine technology necessary for a single stage to orbit (SSTO) launcher. The review results can be downloaded from here (PDF).