About AON2

About Us

At AON2, we connect people to their passion for sports.

We are a startup company that designs and manufactures wearable altimeters for skydiving and other aerial sports. AON2 was founded in Bristol by a team of aeronautical engineers and passionate skydivers, and it is our mission to increase the enjoyment and safety of our sport by increasing altitude awareness. Check out our Events section to see AON2 altimeters in action in a drop zone near you!

Engineering Team

Arthur Amarra chief engineer

Arthur Amarra is our Lead Engineer for altimeter development. Arthur graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2008 with an MEng in Aerospace Engineering, specialising in Computational Fluid Dynamics. He has worked in the aeronautical industry for the past eight years, before becoming the founder of AON2. He is responsible for both hardware and software development. As a qualified skydiver, he is also involved in testing the altimeters on live jumps. (See the Gallery for photos and videos of the altimeter in action)


There were plenty of people who contributed their advice, feedback, footage, and expertise and we would like to thank:

  • Ross Walker
  • Carla Mattison
  • Jasper Smith
  • and of course, all the awesome people in Dunkeswell and Redlands!

If you are experienced with electronics, microcontrollers, mobile app development, BLE, Ruby on Rails, or graphic design and are interested in becoming involved with AON2, please email info@aon2.co.uk with your details.

Made in the UK

All our altimeters are built and assembled in the UK and tested to rigourous quality standards as a testament to the strengths of UK engineering and manufacturing.

What's with the name? How do you pronounce AO(N²)?

You can say "aon-two" or "aonsquared", we're not really fussy about it! We chose our name because we think mathematics and computers are really cool, and this is where we base our advanced technology (people with a computer science background would probably recognise the big-O notation)

How to Find Us

fireworks at Clifton Suspension Bridge

68 Wood Mead
Stoke Gifford
Bristol BS16 1GQ
United Kingdom

Email: support@aon2.co.uk
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