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Japan's Mt. Ontake Erupts, Stranding Hundreds of Hikers

Slashdot - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 14:30
An anonymous reader writes: Japan's second highest volcano, Mount Ontake, erupted on Saturday, sending thick clouds of ash into the air. More than 250 hikers were in the area, and the ash and rocks left seven unconscious, eight injured, and all of them stranded. In video footage from the mountain, you can see the thick clouds overtaking hikers, blocking out the sun and coating them with ash. There have been no reports of lava flows, but flights in the area were forced to divert their routes. (Another video shows the ash clouds from the sky.)

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Recommended Reading: André 3000 chats 'Jimi: All Is by My Side'

Engadget - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 14:30
Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology and more in print and on the web. Some weeks, you'll also find short reviews of books that we think are worth your time. We hope you enjoy the read. Billboard Cover: Andre...

Sony is shutting down PlayStation Home in North America, too

Engadget - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 13:33
It was only a matter of time. When word came down that Sony was shuttering the PlayStation 3 virtual space, PlayStation Home, in Japan earlier this year, the service's domestic days were likely numbered as well. Citing a "shifting landscape" as the...

MIT's underwater robot can sniff out contraband hidden underneath ships

Engadget - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 10:39
That object above might look like a benign, slightly deformed bowling ball, but it's actually something far more advanced. It's an aquatic robot designed by a couple of MIT researchers, which can surreptitiously inspect the hulls and propeller shafts...

Bid adieu to 'Airplane Mode' on European airlines

Engadget - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 07:58
Want to continue that scintillating game of Words with Friends throughout the entire flight? Well, that might soon be a possibility if you're flying in European airspace. Late last year, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) had decided to...

Marc Merlin's 2014 Burning Man Report For Tech Geeks

Slashdot - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 06:38
marcmerlin writes Haven't been to Burning Man, or missed this year's and would like a summary? Marc Merlin has posted a summary of this year with full GPS map, pictures from the air, and everything neatly categorized, with a track of his 127 miles of biking to visit as many camps as possible. Also, if you plan on going, check out the tips at the bottom of the page.

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Snakebot and quadcopter combo makes for a go-anywhere rescue drone

Engadget - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 04:48
Everyone has different ideas on what the perfect search-and-rescue robot is, and for a University of Pennsylvania Mod Lab team, it comes in the form of a snake drone-quadcopter chimera. The Hybrid Exploration Robot for Air and Land Deployment or...

New Graphene Research Promises Reliable Chip-Level Production

Slashdot - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 03:43
An anonymous reader writes "A research team from the University of Texas and a German nanotechnology company have published a paper which describes a major milestone for the future of graphene-based computing – the reliable production of wafer-scale graphene measuring between 100 and 300mm, suitable at last for integration with 'traditional' materials in computing. The research team was able to manufacture 25,000 graphene field-effect transistors from lab-produced graphene film on a polycrystalline copper base. Team research leader Deji Akinwande said: 'Our process is based on the scalable concept of growing graphene on copper-coated silicon substrates...Once we had developed a suitable method for growing high-quality graphene with negligible numbers of defects in small sample sizes, it was relatively straightforward for us to scale up.'"(Original, paywalled paper is at ACS Nano.)

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Consumer Reports weighs in on iPhone 6 bending

Engadget - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 03:16
As much as Apple would like for this discussion to be over, controversy and conversation over whether the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus has a durability problem is continuing. Just as it tested out antenna reception for the iPhone 4, Consumer Reports has forced...

What is Weirded? This is Weirded.

Engadget - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 02:31
How does one introduce an original web series like #Weirded? For one, it's not tech news -- at least, not in the way you're used to seeing. So scrub that notion from your brain. It's more like a constant channel change; like pressing the seek button...

Uber driver allegedly bashed passenger in the head with a hammer

Engadget - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 01:29
Not all Uber rides are safe. Patrick Karajah, a 26-year-old Uber X driver, has been accused of attacking a passenger with a hammer and leaving him by the side of the road in San Francisco's Bernal Heights district. SF Gate reports that the victim and...

Belgian brewery to reduce truck use with underground beer pipeline

Engadget - Sat, 27/09/2014 - 00:11
In order to cut down on the number of trucks it puts on the streets, Brouwerij De Halve Maan is working with the city of Bruges to construct an underground beer pipeline. While the brewing still happens at its original site, filtration, bottling and...

Playdate: We're livestreaming 'Forza Horizon 2' on Xbox One! (Update: it's over!)

Engadget - Fri, 26/09/2014 - 23:30
Welcome, ladygeeks and gentlenerds, to the new era of gaming. The one where you get to watch, and comment, as other people livestream gameplay from next-gen consoles. Because games! They're fun!...

TomTom has a new watch designed specifically for golfers

Engadget - Fri, 26/09/2014 - 22:42
In perfect conjunction with the start of the Ryder Cup, TomTom couldn't have found a better time to introduce its new GPS-powered wearable. The watch, simply, and fittingly, named TomTom Golfer, is similar to Garmin's Approach line, featuring data...

Sci-fi Predictions, True and False (Video 2)

Slashdot - Fri, 26/09/2014 - 21:50
You might want to go back to Video 1 before watching this one (or reading the transcript). This video is the second part of our recording of a panel discussion at the recent science fiction convention in Detroit. Panelists include writer and forensic science expert Jen Haeger; professor and generally fascinating guy Brian Gray; and expert in Aeronautical Management and 20-year veteran of the Air Force Douglas Johnson. In this video, they continue running down a list of science fiction predictions, both successful and unsuccessful, and evaluating how realistic or far-fetched each now seems. (Alternate Video Link)

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Radio in a jar plays your favorite station, and only your favorite station

Engadget - Fri, 26/09/2014 - 21:44
Despite all the proof that we basically live in a sci-fi future, there's still something a little magical about flipping a switch and hearing a story or a song wafting out of a box. Radio is sort of steadfast that way, but that also means people are...

iOS 8's WiFi location privacy isn't as powerful as you might think

Engadget - Fri, 26/09/2014 - 21:14
If you were hoping that iOS 8's ability to hide your device ID from nearby WiFi networks would render you invisible to nosy hotspot operators, you'll want to dial back your expectations a bit. AirTight Networks' Bhupinder Misra has found that Apple's...

Google's data-transferring tool gets a shiny new interface

Engadget - Fri, 26/09/2014 - 20:42
Google already makes it very simple for you to pull your data from some of its many services, via the Takeout transfer tool on the web. Up until today, however, Google Takeout wasn't necessarily pleasing to the eye, despite being extremely useful at...

Not so fast: Uber facing bans in Germany once again

Engadget - Fri, 26/09/2014 - 20:11
Just when you thought Uber's legal battle in Germany was settled once and for all, Bloomberg is now writing about the company having to deal with new challenges in that country. According to the report, Uber has been ordered to bring its UberPop and...

Thom Yorke's new album is only available online as a BitTorrent Bundle

Engadget - Fri, 26/09/2014 - 19:37
Thom Yorke has a history of going against the grain with his online music sales. His band Radiohead first released In Rainbows as a pay-what-you-want download, and he pulled his solo tunes from Spotify to make a stand on royalty rates. It shouldn't...